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Made from scratch in Vermont


Summer Sausage

Natural Summer Sausage, natural snack sticks and traditionally cured summer sausage - you've found the home for the finest summer sausages and sticks around. “The best summer sausage I’ve ever tasted!” This is the reaction we often get during in-store tastings all around the country. We cut no corners, especially with our Summer Sausage. We carry out the full 12 hour fermentation to reduce the pH of the Summer Sausage before cooking, rather than just adding acidifiers. This slow process allows the flavor to develop slowly, resulting in a clean flavor with the characteristic “tang” of a traditional summer sausage. We use a subtle mix of spices, and no MSG. Pairs especially well with mild and high-fat cheeses such as a double-crème, but also can complement more spicy items with its mild flavor. (Summer sausage in the foreground next to our Smoked Pepperoni) Shelf stable (requires no refrigeration) for six months, until opened. So, it travels well in your pack or along with your wine. For those concerned with allergens, we make our Summer Sausage without any wheat, dairy or nuts. Our natural, meat snack sticks use a similar recipe to our natural summer sausage and so we offer them along with our summer sausages - Enjoy!


This is our "smokemaster's half dozen" for fans of our 'damn fine' Natural Summer Sausage - buy 6 and get the 7th free!

Seven, 6-oz Natural Summer Sausages

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Natural Summer Sausage Fan
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A two-pack of our naturally raised beef & pork, uncured (no sodium nitrite) summer sausage. We make it without sodium nitrite, so it is called uncured. Celery juice powder provides a natural source of nitrate.

This is summer sausage the way it is supposed to taste.  The real deal.  A deep, clean flavor with the mild tang of a true Summer Sausage.  Ours has such great flavor because we still ferment the Summer Sausage for a full 12 hours before cooking, and we don't use MSG as a crutch to give it flavor.

Pairs well with both mild soft cheeses, with the tangy acidity complementing the fat, and with sharper cheeses, with the mild flavor offsetting a cheese with a bite.

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Natural Summer Sausage Two-Pack
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Damn Fine - Made From Scratch in Vermont
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