Damn Fine - Smoked Sausage, Bacon and Pepperoni Made From Scratch in Vermont
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Made from scratch in Vermont

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8 Deliciously Spicy Foods and Sauces - Real Simple
"This grown-up Slim Jim combines the essence of smoky Southern barbecue with piquant black pepper for a snack that doesn’t scald." More»

"... lean, tasty meat snack sticks..."
Made with all-natural beef and pork, these lean, tasty meat sticks have half the calories and sodium of their convenience-store counterparts and provide more protein. More»

Old Saputo Factory Has New Tenant
Hinesburg, Vermont - A major plan is moving forward to bring jobs and fill a hole left in Hinesburg, Vermont. More»

"... killer combination of medium spicy heat and mellow smoke... Best backpack food..."
"Vermont Smoke and Cure pepperoni bites made in the Green Mountain State is a killer combination of medium spicy heat and mellow smoke from corn cob and maple wood embers. Best backpack food around, along with a wedge of hard cheese such as Québec Vintage Cheddar."  HartmanSalt.com, 3/18/11 More»

"... an intensely flavorful garnish..." - The New York Times
Pepperoni: On Top, The New York Times, February 1, 2011 More»

“smoked pepperoni..absolutely incredible.” - NBC Today Show
NBC Today Show Holiday Mail Order Gifts More»

“smoked pepperoni is the ultimate crowd pleaser” - Woman's Day Magazine
12 Delicious Mail Order Gifts

Smoked Pepperoni & Summer Sausages
          Vermont Smoke and Cure in South Barre, Vermont, has been smoking meats for over 45 years, and their smoked pepperoni is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Smoked with corncob and maple wood, the result is a drier, less oily pepperoni with a smoky punch. The summer sausages, also a customer...

"Meaty, tender and flavorful..." - Woodstock Farmers Market
A nice review from a 2009 "best specialty retailer in the United States:
  "Vermont Smoke and Cure Meat Sticks are to your regular jerky as a juicy hamburger is to chipped beef. Meaty, tender and flavorful, these are like a small, snacky version of a barbecued burger or peppery pork chop. They contain no artificial colorings, flavorings or nitrates, and get all their flavor from real ingredients such as onion, celery, real spices, sea salt and evaporated cane juice. In addition, the... More»

"...Pepperoni...just the right amount of saltiness and heat..." - Food and Home.c
For the full article and photo, click here.

"Pepperoni is one of the most popular pizza toppings, however it's often overlooked as a great standalone (served sliced) or as a side with milder cheeses. Vermont Smoke and Cure's Pepperoni has a nice and clean all-natural taste with just the right amount of saltiness and heat, allowing this offering to be served like any other salami. Most of us are used to the mass-produced offerings that come from the major hot dog and cold cuts brands, but... More»

"... employ time consuming processes ... delicious meats. " - Cool Hunting.com
To read the full article, click here

"Bursting with flavor, Vermont Smoke and Cure's maple-brined bacon, smoked pepperoni and other all natural pork products are the upshot of slow gastronomy. Beginning with pigs that were raised without any antibiotics or animal by products, the small batch producers employ time consuming processes to create their delicious meats. Such as the summer sausages, made using an old fashioned method that requires 12 full hours of... More»

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Damn Fine - Made From Scratch in Vermont
RealSticks on list of "13 Healthiest Snack Foods" - MSN Online
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South Barre, Vermont

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