Damn Fine - Smoked Sausage, Bacon and Pepperoni Made From Scratch in Vermont
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Made from scratch in Vermont

Pure Flavor

We take the time needed to create for you the finest tasting smoked meats or fresh, natural sausages possible. We start with the finest ingredients, more and more often naturally grown.
The finest tasting smoked meats and fresh, natural sausages
We then craft our meats with a restrained hand – so that you’ll find a balance of flavors. We don't make hams that taste primarily of salt, nor summer sausage that relies on MSG for flavor, nor bacon that tastes only of a strong smoke.

You'll find ours have a perfect balance of flavors -- smoke, salt, pork and maple. It is a challenge to make this way, but our meats taste so great because the pure ingredient flavors work together.

We use best available ingredients to reach the desired flavor - - like the pork from a group of farmers in nearby Quebec, with excellent texture in the hams and just the right balance of lean in the bellies for the bacon.

We’re using more and more naturally grown ingredients and meats grown in Vermont and nearby. Of course, we always use pure Vermont Maple Syrup from a single farm, Sweet Retreat, in Northfield, VT. Already, we offer Vermont-grown pork, and are working toward Vermont beef.

We use time-consuming, traditional methods like hand trimming whole muscle hams. We then mix the brines with spices and pure Vermont maple syrup before slow smoking using maple wood and corn cob.

Our Vermont-grown hams, bacon, RealSticks and sausages are truly “Made from scratch in Vermont”!

The result for you in every case is “damn fine” flavor. Enjoy!

Damn Fine - Made From Scratch in Vermont
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South Barre, Vermont

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