Damn Fine - Smoked Sausage, Bacon and Pepperoni Made From Scratch in Vermont
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Made from scratch in Vermont


Vermont Grown

Natural Bacon, Ham or Sausages, naturally grown on single Vermont family farm, from heritage Berkshire-Chester White cross pigs - brined in Vermont Maple Syrup and not too much salt before smoking with the sweet, mellow corn cob and maple wood smoke - perfection on a plate!

These piggies start their lives in a specially designed nursery that allows them to safely roam inside the barn, before going out onto pasture in the summer time to graze along with their diet of Vermont-grown and freshly ground grains.  Their Berkshire genetics give them a pleasing amount of flavorful fat and their Chester White parentage gives them great tasting, meaty cuts.

Bringing you these delicious bits of VT pork requires cooperation, trust and teamwork.  Farmer Greg Finch, distributor Black River Produce and Vermont Smoke and Cure created a three-way partnership that meets the needs of each partner. Greg gets a consistent market for his pigs. Black River gets the fresh cuts to sell to restaurants and retailers. Vermont Smoke and Cure gets the bellies, hams and trim for smoking. 

Everyone gets what they need, and you get what you love.

Damn Fine - Made From Scratch in Vermont
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South Barre, Vermont

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